Advanced multi lane tailgate detection for maximum security

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An unauthorized person can gain access into a facility or specific area by simply following another person closely to go through the entrance without presenting a valid security credential.  For fast-paced, high-traffic areas where gate passage should be restricted through personal identification, tailgating exposes building security week points and causes stress for managers. Our TDexpress makes for a great addition to complete your access control system. It brings the necessary comfort and confidence that your environment is fully under control.

TDexpress has been specifically made for improved multi-gate monitoring in a variety of environments where card access is mandatory. It helps managers better secure their infrastructure, improve traffic flow through well controlled entrance and exit, maximize sensor-based monitoring while cutting down costs involving additional devices.

TDexpress helps customers, employers, visitors feel safe and welcome in their environment day in, day out.

How TDexpress works:
  • The 3D sensor that defines the TDexpress sensing technology captures real-time topographic images of the surveyed area
  • The sensor is sensitive and accurate enough to calculate the exact number of people transiting through the gates (no face recognition, fully respecting privacy)
  • When a tailgating/ piggybacking event is detected in either in or out directions (discrepancy between activated security identification and the actual number of people going through the gates), the sensing system triggers an alarm
  • This tailgating alarm can be set to provide customized actions: automatically lock the gates, alert the personal via a specific sound, etc.
TD express

Why choose our system:

  1. Accurate, reliable & fast

    Facilitates people flow management through security gates.
  2. Multiple gates, one sensor

    Efficient bi-directional monitoring for several gate lanes with one sensor only.
  3. Optimum anti-intrusion solution

    Ideal for building security, office, or transportation areas.
  4. More for less

    Expand the monitoring area while optimizing costs.
  5. Enhancing security wherever needed

    Fitting into all kind of industries where gated access is necessary.
  6. Smooth & easy integration

    The system is easily compatible with various access control systems.

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