Nowadays and into the future, wearable devices need cutting edge sensing solutions to monitor essential physical physiological health parameters. Sensor technology can help to detect, prevent and track health related conditions by measuring and analyzing critical data in many aspects of the daily life.

Our footwear sensors are designed to smoothly integrate shoe insoles and deliver accurate plantar pressure detection and analysis. They can help from simply supporting a healthy lifestyle all the way to becoming real life-changers in medical applications.

For someone who cannot feel the ground while stepping on it, sensors can make a world of a difference: create good balance, confidence, comfort, independence, prevent falls, etc.

Our feet are, after all, THE main interface to our surrounding and interact directly with the ground during everyday locomotion activities, generating measurable plantar pressure.

This provides a wealth of information that can be extremely useful for rehab patients, for instance. Measuring and tracking the right data helps boost performance, optimizes podiatric medical monitoring, prevents injuries, and assesses risks for developing diseases early on. This is where our sensors step in.


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