Research and Development has always been a crucial aspect for us as an engineering company and runs deeply in our culture. We understand that markets evolve quickly, that societies and people’s needs change rapidly, and that technologies must keep up the pace or set the trend and anticipate. This is why we pride in being at the center of the technological evolution, working closely with worldwide universities, and actively participating in European and national-funded projects that deliver tomorrow’s solutions using sensors, printed and flexible electronics.

In the DOMUS project, IEE provides screen printed heater foils and integration services for interior components like arm rests, dashboard, carpets, and door panels, along with related engineering and research efforts.

For a complete understanding of this project, click here to check the website.

Innovation heater

IEE contributes to the VIZTA project by participating in 2 demonstrators: An automotive in-cabin wide-angle demonstrator, (the base for high-resolution 3D car interior mapping, novel safety & comfort functions for new seating arrangements in automated driving & shared mobility).

The second demonstrator targets new smart energy-saving sensor systems for intelligent building management. The VIZTA funding supported the software development for our TDexpress access control solution.

Find the project presentation here. 

The GAITORING research project uses ActiSense Sensing System. It aims to develop a digital health solution that will help clinicians better monitor patients with orthopaedic problems.

The purpose is to collect feedback data to  help identify the most critical gait parameters needed for healthcare professionals. With that at hand, they can better evaluate the status of a patient’s medical condition.

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