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Smart Footwear Sensing Solutions

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Our feet interact directly with the ground during everyday locomotor activities, generating measurable plantar pressure. This provides a wealth of information that is extremely useful for athletes or rehab patients, for instance. Measuring and tracking the right data helps boost sports performance, optimize podiatric medical monitoring, prevent injuries and asses risks for developping diseases early on.

Embedded in the shoe insole, our in-house designed sensors measure how the pressure is distributed on the sole of the foot/shoe when walking, running or jumping. Thanks to powerful electronics, the data is then sent for analysis to a remote receiver (smart phone, watch or computer). With our integrated software, you have the freedom to personalize the data that suits your applications.  


Why choose our smart footwear sensing solutions?

  • Thin and bendable, non-intrusive printed electronics
  • Accurate and reliable measurement and analysis for gait and posture, supporting
  • Clinical purposes: rehabilitation, diagnosis of lower limb problems, specific footwear design, ulcer prevention for diabetics, improved balance and confidence for elderly people, etc.
  • Sports: biomechanics, therapy, injury prevention, training, etc.
  • Flexible, cost-efficient, can be custom designed for specific applications and offers various integration possibilities

Read our Customer Case Study to learn how our smart footwear sensors helped Saphenus Medical Technology

Smart Footwear Product Range

ActiSense Sensing System - All-in one solution for digitally connected wearables


  • 8 individual high dynamic, new-generation pressure cells combined with powerful electronics and software
  • Uses top notch pressure sensing technology combined with Inertial Measurement Unit (MU) data
  • Performance tracking, reliable gait analysis and optimized patient care
  • Complete shoe integration or used for removable insole applications
  • Data Synchronization (between left and right foot and smart device)
  • Real-time data display and personal data vizualization

Need a customized solution?

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