Press release, 22nd May 2019

IEE, a major developer of sensing solutions for the automotive industry, today moved its global headquarters to the Automobility Campus of Bissen, a dedicated R&D site for automotive components

IEE is the first company to move to the new Campus, which started out as an initiative of the Ministry of the Economy to make Luxembourg a preferred choice for auto suppliers. This concept is part of a larger project of creating an “innovation hub” where various companies acting in different automotive sectors share this newly-made infrastructure to foster knowledge and technological advancement. The area is being built to offer exceptional conditions for the testing and validation of prototypes, for instance, but also for training, education and logistics, in short, to help key players in the automotive field reach unprecedented potential.

“Today, we open the doors to our employees and customers in a brand-new environment. We have been waiting for this moment. From the very beginning of the conversations with the Luxembourgish authorities, we knew this would be an exciting place to be for us, with plenty of opportunities for the future. The Automobility Campus, our new working place, will provide us with the best tools and infrastructure to help us stay dynamic and competitive in a constantly evolving market,” says Michel Witte, CEO at IEE. “We are looking forward to engaging into many interesting projects and we are convinced we can service our international customers even better from our new location.”

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