Press release, 23rd March 2021

On Friday, 18th March 2021, Mr. Michel Witte, CEO and President at IEE officially stepped down from his position and left the task to steer the company to Mr. Paul Schockmel, former Vice President Strategy, Innovation and Marketing.

As the founder of the company, Mr. Witte has been an instrumental figure in IEE’s history, driving the company from a small Luxembourgish start-up to a global business success, making it a reputed, essential player in the automotive sensing industry. Over the past 30 years, IEE pioneered occupant detection, capacitive sensing in vehicle interior with products such as BodySense and Hands Off Detection (HOD), witnessed a large scale industrialization of printed electronics, and released VitaSense Child Presence Detection as another world premiere, among others, under his leadership.

The new CEO is Mr. Paul Schockmel, who will also exercise the functions of Director of the Board, and Member of the Executive Committee of the IEE Group.

Since joining IEE S.A. in 1995 as a Sales Engineer, Mr. Schockmel has held many key positions. Paul Schockmel also acted as the CEO of the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA), developing a strong international network throughout the automotive industry. He also founded the Luxembourgish Association of Automotive Suppliers (ILEA) and co-founded the Luxembourg Automotive Components cluster.

“We welcome Mr. Schockmel in his new position and responsibility, and we will do everything necessary to support him in achieving his goals for the company,” says Sheng Wang, Chairman of the Board of Directors at IEE. “We trust that Mr. Schockmel has all the abilities to successfully lead the management team and the entire IEE staff throughout current and upcoming market challenges, and to make the company fit for the future.”

The entire staff at IEE is grateful to Mr. Michel Witte for his commitment and outstanding lifetime achievements within the company and wishes him all the best in his future endeavors. As a sign of respect and recognition, IEE’s Shareholders and the Board gave Mr. Witte the title of Honorary President of the IEE Group.

All IEE embraces the decision to have Mr. Schockmel at the head of the company and is looking forward to more exciting opportunities and adventures ahead under his guidance.

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