IEE present at the opening

A confirmed leader for automotive sensing solutions, IEE participated in the “Cross-Border Digital Testbed Project Day” supporting autonomous driving testing.

Autonomous driving and border crossing were high on the agenda yesterday, 3rd April 2019, in Schengen, Luxembourg, where the “Cross-Border Digital Testbed Project Day” kicked off. As a confirmed leader for automotive sensing solutions which is also heavily involved in R&D and the exploration of new applications and technologies, IEE displayed the capabilities of its sensors in the presence of Luxembourg, France and Germany officials.

A 206 km circuit has been jointly opened by the three countries to enable testing the car of the future. Such innovations prepare the ground for a different level of mobility which, as the Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg and Minister for Economic Affairs, Étienne Schneider, reminds, will bring significant changes to the European landscape. They are intended to contribute not only to facilitating traffic conditions when crossing from one country into the other, but also improve driving safety, energy efficiency and air quality.

“Safety and innovation in driving truly lie at the heart of our business,” says Michel Witte, Chief Executive Officer at IEE. Our R&D teams are pro-active in designing new car sensor technologies while we constantly work with our customers to understand their present and future needs and help them meet legislation requirements. Whenever there is an opportunity for vehicle improvement, we put our expertise into use to deliver sensors that fit the industry trends,” says Witte.

The choice of the location for this pilot project is by no means a random one. Schengen is where Europe without borders first saw the daylight. The symbolism for freedom of movement thus extends to technological progress, which sees no barriers or borders.

Scared of autonomous driving? The shift is not likely to happen before 2030-2035, but in the automotive world, changes take place at an extremely rapid pace and it is best to be prepared and welcome the self-driving car.

“At IEE, we are all about innovation, and being present at such an event during which the future of mobility is discussed and initiated through autonomous car testing is only natural. We embrace change and look into the future,” says Alain Schumacher, Chief Technology Officer at IEE.

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