VitaSense – Interior radar sensing system to spot unattended children in vehicles

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A child can end being unattended in a car. In the automotive industry, IEE recognized the problem of children left in vehicles and thus exposed to heatstroke risk more than a decade ago. We developed VitaSense Child Presence Detection to address this global issue and help prevent hot car deaths. In the US alone, 39 children die of vehicular heatstroke on average each year.

VitaSense is a highly accurate and reliable radar system made to detect even the vital signs of sleeping new-borns. When an unattended child is detected, the vehicle’s alarm and communications systems can alert caretakers or passers-by that a child is still present in the car, helping save lives.

VitaSense Sensor
How VitaSense works
  • VitaSense is a small sensing unit, easy to integrate behind the vehicle headliner without altering the interior design
  • Based on radar technology it emits low-power radio signals and analyses reflections
  • The slightest motions of an occupant influence the signals, allowing VitaSense to discriminate between a living being and an inanimate object
  • When an unattended child is spotted, VitaSense feeds the info into the vehicle system to send out various alert notifications



Why choose our system

  1. World premiere

    VitaSense is world’s first interior radar sensing solution to detect at-risk unattended children.
  2. Tested and proven

    Advanced sensing technology with innovative algorithms, based on extensive research and
  3. High accuracy

    Detects the small movements of a sleeping new-born, even under blankets.
  4. Variety of warnings

    Various warnings can be triggered: flashing lights, sounds, smart phone messages, etc.
  5. NCAP compliant

    Responds to Euro NCAP incentives implemented in 2023 and the US Hot Cars Act
  6. Adaptable & private

    Independent of any child restraint system, easy to implement for any vehicle manufacturer, Fully respects your privacy (no camera is used).

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