Improve the life of your battery pack


Thin, flat, compact, easy to handle when assembling the battery pack, our solutions built on flexible and very thin polymer foil are fail-safe and reliable. They make for an ideal combination of light weight and mechanical robustness. They offer high adaptability to various applications thanks to the flexible design (from simple shapes to complex 3D and curved applications) and different connection technologies.

Our product range for electric vehicle battery management is backed up by our in-house expertise, strong engineering support and flexibility during the development phase. We are customer-specific, creating adapted solutions to perfectly fit your unique requirements.


Interconnection & Sensing Components
  • Cell voltage tap connector for prismatic and pouch cells
  • Cell connection and sensing unit for cylindrical cells, suitable for single-sided or double-sided bonding
  • Fully customized all-in-one solution for Electric Vehicle battery packs
  • Electrical interconnection between the cells and/or temperature sensors and the control unit
  • Ideal for monitoring the voltage of battery cells and cell charge balancing, using reliable connection technology


Cell Voltage Tap Connector and Cell Connection and Sensing Unit
Battery Safety Sensors
  • Detect critical situations in battery packs early, such as Thermal runaway or degrading State-of-Health
  • Enable compliance with existing and upcoming safety regulations, such as UN GTR20/R100 and GB 38031
  • Reliable detection with self-diagnostic
  • Easy to assemble between battery cells in a pack or module
  • Cost-efficient, manufactured in an automated printing process
Safety Sensor
Temperature sensors
  • Precise knowledge of temperature distribution inside a battery pack: Measure exactly where needed
  • Slim and flat, can be fitted between individual cells inside the battery pack
  • Supports a high number of temperature sensors, either as discreet components or printed sensors
  • Acts as electrical insulation sheet
  • Fit for pouch, prismatic or cylindrical cells
Battery temperature sensor
High Voltage Battery Heaters
  • Delivering the right amount of heating power exactly where it is needed
  • Mechanically robust and reliable
  • Optional with self-protecting functionality
  • High productivity printing process on polymer material
Battery heater

Who choose our sensing & heating solutions:

  1. Thin, flat, compact

    Built on flexible and very thin polymer foil.
  2. Fail-safe, fully reliable

    An ideal combination of light weight and high mechanical robustness.
  3. High adaptability

    From simple shapes to complex 3D and curved applications and different connection technologies.
  4. Strong engineering support

    We help you during the development phase.
  5. Customer specific

    Tell us your needs and we make the sensor for it.
  6. Smooth integration

    Easy to handle when assembling the battery pack.

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