IEE Summer Update

News / August 13, 2019

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We are still enjoying the summer breeze here at IEE, but it is also a good moment to sum up and reflect on our activities before we start planning for new ones and the busy season kicks in again.

One of the biggest changes was no doubt related to our move to Bissen, Luxembourg. We are the first company to join the Automobility Campus and other major businesses, such as Goodyear will join us soon. Together, we will bring the Luxembourgish (and international) scene to the next technology level. The Automobility Campus will allow us to develop further R&D projects in exceptional conditions and host promising, innovative, motivated and skilled start-ups. In short, we have everything we need to keep on growing and help customers benefit from it. Gear up and fasten your seat belts, we are ready to step on it!

This summer was also about new regulations for cars and two-wheelers. India, the country with the highest number of road fatalities, has adopted stricter vehicle safety rules and became the first country to make seatbelt reminders for driver and front seat passenger mandatory for all vehicles in production. In this context, our SBR sensing solutions, already covering 50% of India’s demand, are expected to equip more and more vehicles in India to make them safer.

We have also been busy taking significant steps in the Sports and Healthcare industries, supplying customers in the medical sector with our smart footwear sensors so that patients around the world can lead better, more comfortable, pain-free lives.  

On the Building Management side, our Volumetric Object Surveillance (VOS) is currently on duty in the Fondation Beyeler museum in Basel, Switzerland, among many other places in the world, protecting valuable art objects.

We will be back with news about our projects, people, and products, so check back for updates on our blog soon. Enjoy the rest of the summer and don’t forget that, whether in the car you drive, at the airport where you check in, in the building you enter or at the museum you visit, am IEE sensor might just be watching over you.

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